Shot Blasting | Concrete Lowering | Concrete Grinding

Grinders use horizontal rotating disks to level, smooth or clean a concrete surface. A diamond tipped or other type of abrasive wheel is mounted on the grinder. The grinder may have single or multiple heads, typically up to three. Planetary grinders are well suited for highly polished concrete. Grinders coupled with the appropriate vacuum offer a virtually dust-free and comfortable work environment.

Our grinders are perfect for:

removing coatings or adhesive residues

smoothing or flattening concrete slabs-including curled expansion joints

removing surface imperfections and contaminants

Depending on the type of abrasive wheel used on the grinder, it can used to lightly prepare the surface, especially useful when applying thin coatings, or can quickly remove mastics, epoxies, urethane, paint and thick coatings. Special types of multi-headed grinders can be outfitted with carbide tipped slicers to quickly cut through heavy, built-up adhesives, elastomeric coatings, waterproof membranes and more.