This design trend is growing without any foreseeable slowdown. There are many possibilities to achieve a seamless decorative floor: polishing existing concrete or polishing overlayments. Polishing existing concrete is an economical way to turn your existing concrete into a beautiful durable low maintenance floor. When a predictable finish is required, an overlayment can be designed and engineered to be consistent in color and aggregate exposure.  These polishable toppings can cover over previous trenches, inconsistent aggregate, cracking or colour uncertainties. Being an overlayment, it can be finished at thickness from as little as 6mm to any depth required. If consistency across multiple locations is required, a decorative overlayment is essential. It comes in a range of colors, aggregates and finishes. The process is easy:

  1. Select your color
  2. Select your range of aggregate
  3. Select satin or gloss finish

Floor Solutions is also a licensed ARDEX Pandomo installer.