170,000 SQ. FT. | HAMILTON, ON | COMPLETED 2017

The existing floor was experiencing premature wear and tear due to a high moisture level. As a result many areas of the floor were rising. This caused an unsafe condition for shoppers and gave the store a tired worn out look.

The store had to remain open for business while the work was completed. The sales area was sectioned into manageable areas to not impact store sales. These areas were sectioned off with tarps to contain dust and to separate shoppers from the work area. Each section was cleared of merchandise and fixtures.

The existing floor and the compromised topping was removed using a ride on cold milling machine. The machine was able to remove to 3” of topping in a single pass. A moisture barrier system was applied to the parent concrete and repoured back to the previous grade. New flooring was installed.

The store manager was very pleased that even though this was a major undertaking over 5 months the store didn’t experience a sales decline or safety issues for the duration of the project.