*Floor Solutions – Your Floor Specialists: Serving all of Ontario and
Quebec, with offices located in Toronto, Cambridge and Montreal. From a
full spectrum of floor underlayments to the ultimate sound deadening
systems as well as Moisture Remediation Control Systems.*

* Floor Solutions offers proven solutions for a world of floor challenges,
including: Renovation, Commercial, Retail, Single Family Homes,
Multifamily Housing, High Rise Condos, Self-Leveling Applications,
Concrete Grinding and/or Polishing and Sound Deadening Systems.
Floor Solutions product lines include:
AccuCrete, AccuRadiant, AccuLevel G40, AccuLevel G50, AccuLevel H40,
AccuQuiet Sound Mat and DAROTopp® Floor Systems. *

*Floor Solutions has also introduced Spraylock Concrete Protection to
combat Moisture Remediation problems in existing concrete floors as well as
allowing new flooring to be installed on newly poured concrete floors in as
little as 16 days. *

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